Welcome to 澳门真人在线赌钱!

在澳门真人在线赌钱, students are immersed in diverse learning environments where everyone is respected. We welcome international students from all national origins and are committed to supporting them in their academic and campus community engagement.

The University is known for its strong teaching in its academic programs, 全心全意为学生服务, and a highly visible honors program for distinguished students.


To complete your application to Westfield State, follow these four simple steps:

1. 启动应用程序

At Westfield State, there are two ways to apply: 常见申请 或者是 韦斯特菲尔德州立应用公司.  We do not have a preference as to which application you complete.

2. 完成 国际 Student Information Form

3. Request your English Proficiency 测试 report be sent to Westfield State

Westfield State requires the following scores for each test:

  • 托福:79
  • 雅思:6.5
  • Duolingo: 110
  • Students may submit proof of Conditional Recommendation and Competency in Level B2 of the Intensive English Program at the 国际 Language Institute (伊犁.edu),位于马萨诸塞州北安普顿.

This requirement may be waived if the language of instruction in high school or 大学 was English f或者是 last three years, or if students are enrolling from a country where English is one of the primary languages.

4. Request a credential evaluation of your transcripts

Transcripts from outside the United States (including high school, 大学, 和大学), must be submitted to a credential evaluating agency.  Below are some of the agencies 澳门真人在线赌钱 recommends:

All international transcripts must have an evaluation completed and sent directly from the agency to Westfield State.  Evidence of fraudulent evaluations will result in an immediate withdrawal of any application to the University.

Students whose primary language of instruction is English should reach out to the Admission Office to determine if a course-by-course evaluation is required.


Transfer students will be required to send Official Transcripts for all 大学s and universities attended in the United States.


To obtain your I-20 to apply for an F-1 visa, students must submit the following:

An I-20 will not be issued until the Certification of Finances is completed and verified by the University.  

在美国学习的转学生.S. should provide a copy of the I-20 and request their current school to release their I-20 by completing and sending a transfer verification to their current DSO.

For questions about the I-20 process, please contact the 国际 Programs Office at ipac@westfield.christopherwatkins.net.



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